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IP66 LED Outdoor TV Screen Distributors In USA, Caribbean & Canada

Caribbean, Canada & US Outdoor TV Screen Distributors

Outdoor TV - Caribbean, Canada & US

The Outdoor Screen Company are currently recruiting outdoor IP66 LED TV screen distributors, dealers, wholesalers, importers and suppliers to explore business opportunities in the US, Caribbean and Canada.

These heavy duty commercial grade TV screens are waterproof and weatherproof and are suitable for 24 / 7 use in all North American weather conditions, from the Arctic cold of Alaska to the extreme heat of California, Nevada, Arizona, Texas  and New Mexico.

The TV screens are also snow, water, rain, dust & sand proof making them suitable for outdoor and indoor public event screening, advertising, social distancing signage and health or medical promotion installations in all indoor and outdoor locations.

Our Outdoor LCD & LED TV display screens are IP66 rated and are suitable for advertising, marketing, promotional, social distancing signage, health messaging and info displays.

The range of outdoor LCD & LED TV displays have anti glare screens and the internal temperature control system ensures the screens are resistant to extreme heat and changes in temperature.

IP66 Outdoor TV Screens For Sale In Caribbean, Canada & US

If your business is the rental, lease or sale of outdoor TV display screens and billboards then please contact us to learn more about business opportunities selling the The Outdoor Screen Company range of TV screens, mountings, brackets, enclosures, cabinets, cables, speaker, anti glare screen films and protective coatings.

Please contact us for or more information on business opportunities available specifying, installing, renting, hiring, leasing and selling our range of IP66 LED and LCD outdoor TV display screens in Caribbean, US and Canada

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