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UK Suppliers Of 100% Waterproof & Weatherproof TV Screens

100% Waterproof & Weatherproof LED & LCD TV Screens

The Outdoor Screen Company are UK suppliers of 100% waterproof and weatherproof LED and LCD TV screens. Our extra large outdoor TV screens, digital billboards, touch screen displays and smart PC TV monitors are designed and built for prolonged use in the harshest inside or outside locations.

Our Outdoor TV screens provide the best digital display solution for indoor or outdoor events, entertainment, advertising, digital signage or health and safety messaging in any all weather conditions or locations.

Our Outdoor commercial, retail and industrial use IK10 and IP66 rated TV display screens are are not to be confused with a regular flat screen TV housed in a weatherproof enclosure or protective cabinet.

UK Outdoor TV ScreenOutdoor TV screens are resistant to tropical rain, humidity, desert sun, sand, heat and even freezing and frosty Arctic weather conditions.

Weatherproof TV Display Screen Features & Benefits

The Outdoor Screen Company range of TV display screens are suitable for luxury home installation in gardens, patios or jacuzzi, hot-tub and pool areas. These televisions can also be used in factories, food processing facilities, mines, quarries, oil rigs, construction sites, airports, ships and ferries.

Fully Sealed TV Units For Use In Wet, Damp, Dusty & Dirty Conditions – If the weather is damp or wet, our IP66 TV screens are 100 % waterproof and weatherproof and resistant to all moisture, sea spray, humidity, steam, fog, mist, rain, sleet, snow, salt, pollution, smoke, sand, dust, pollen and insects.

Thermostatically Controlled TV Interior For Use In Extreme Hot & Cold Weather – If the weather is too hot or too cold, the thermostat within the sealed TV unit ensures that the interior of the screen remains at the very best working temperatures even though external temperatures may range from -20C to +55C.

Anti Glare & Non Reflective TV Screens For Use In Bright Sunny Weather – If the weather is too bright, our anti glare & anti reflective screen coatings ensure TV pictures are fully readable outside in bright day light or under direct sun shine or floodlights and inside in bright artificial lights.

High Brightness TV Screens For Use In Dull Weather Or Dimly Let Locations – If the weather is dull or overcast, our backlight LED TV screen in-built sensors will automatically adjust the brightness level to give the best possible picture quality whilst helping to save energy.

Waterproof & Weatherproof TV Screen Retailer Opportunities

The Outdoor Screen Company are currently recruiting outdoor TV screen retailers, distributors, dealers, wholesalers, importers and suppliers to develop business opportunities in the UK, US, UAE, EU, Eastern Europe, South America, Caribbean, India, Africa, Canada, New Zealand and Australia.. more on outdoor TV sales opportunities

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